ACCRU contributes to an equitable, diverse, and inclusive research and scholarship ecosystem in Canada where the contributions of researchers in small- and medium-sized universities are valued, supported, and shared to benefit society.

Established in 2011, the Alliance of Canadian Comprehensive Research Universities (ACCRU) brings together small- and medium-sized comprehensive universities from across Canada.  ACCRU strives to be the voice to discuss the challenges and issues that smaller universities face.


ACCRU is a welcoming, inclusive, collaborative, and resourceful group of senior research leaders. ACCRU is uniquely positioned to support its members and their shared research interests.

Research Excellence

Research Excellence is not defined by size or location, and is prevalent in small- and medium-sized comprehensive universities across Canada.

Diverse Research Training

Research training is important for ALL students, from undergraduate to graduate students though to postdoctoral training.

Community-responsive Research

Communities benefit from research when it is done in collaboration with the University partners, on issue that are important to them and when knowledge is shared with them.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The impact of research is enhanced when equity, diversity and inclusion are authentic features of the research and scholarly activity in our universities.

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge must be mobilized and communicated to diverse audiences to realize true impact. ACCRU supports innovative knowledge mobilization, as well as open data access and publishing.

Equitable Research Funding

ACCRU aims to elevate the understanding of the realities, barriers and challenges in research funding to achieve equitable funding opportunities for Canadian university researchers and increase the impact of research in Canada for the greater good.