ACCRU universities awarded NSERC Partnership Grants

We are pleased to announce that recent funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council through its Strategic Partnership Grants program will bolster STEM research at ACCRU member universities.   The funding will support 11 projects related to the environment, communications technologies, and more.

The recipients are as follows:

Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) Daniel Guay $595,550
Superaerophobic porous 3D catalytic electrodes for water splitting
Jonathan Perreault $589,000
Electrochemical drug sensing with hydrophobic compound-adapted aptamers
Shuhui Sun $579,000
Strategies to obtain stable, active and operforming non-PGM catalysts for the reduction of oxygen in H2/Air PEM fuel cells
Claude Fortin $623,533
Terrestrial-aquatic mobility of  technology critical elements in a changing Canadian environment (TAMTeC)
Jose Azana $526,500
PERSEUS: Programmable Elastic broadband information processors with controlled high precision frequency and time Reference SystEms Using all optical fiberS
Roberto Morandotti $599,600
Frequency domain nonlinear optical conversion for efficient high-dimensional quantum processing
Roberto Morandotti $573,000
Optical reservoir computing for machine learning at the speed of light
François Vidal $462,700
In situ and real-time measurement of platinum group metal concentrations by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Mount Royal University Michelle DeWolfe $306,250
Evaluating mineral potential of the Winter Lake greenstone belt, Slave craton, Northwest Territories
Ontario Institute of Technology (Now Ontario Tech University) Langis Roy $476,500
ANR – Reconfigurable Wireless Components Using Field Programmable Microwave Substrates (FPMS)
Trent University Céline Guéguen $797,104
Advancing clean water treatment technology through euglena transcriptome modulation and metabolome mining