ACCRU welcomes the opportunity to participate in defining the future of Canada’s research agenda

Upholding a large and diverse research portfolio in all of Canada’s universities is in the higher interest of Canada and all Canadians. It not only contributes to building Canada, it maintains Canada’s universities’ ability, from coast to coast and in all sectors and in all of Canada’s regions, to react promptly and adequately to diversity full range of economic, social, demographic, natural and/or technological challenges which continue to face our country both in short and the long run. Maintaining a diverse research portfolio is congruent with what Canadians expect from a strong scientific ecosystem. Only by maintaining and strengthening the research capacity of all of Canada’s universities will a strong ecosystem exist which serves Canada’s higher interests, both by exploring ideas arising from the insight and inquisitiveness of researchers but also by addressing the needs and challenges of its different organizations and communities at the local, regional, national and international level.

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